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Akifa and Istanbul


Akifa is first my daughter. She is happy when her sister has born, yup her name Nuriye. They both were happiness for me.

Akifa would rather follow me than her mother when go to school. Every teaching at school, she seem happy can study with other student. Sometime cried when she wanted something.

She knew about school.
She always bring her bag. She had some books and pens, and writed something on her book. Of course, she could’nt write correctly. I hope Akifa become a good teacher for herself, family, and other people.

I have dream, i want to visit Istanbul city with my family. Why i  prefer to Istanbul than others.. Because i knew that the end of Ottoman in Istanbul. I believe that victory of Islam has begun from Istanbul. Yup, Mr. Erdogan, from the mayor Istanbul untill president Turkey. His party has won in snap election 1 November. All moeslim in the world too happy for party’s Erdogan, Akp, regained majority in snap election. May Allah blessing you, mr. Erdogan.


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